Canoe launch at Routes 122/140, Grafton, Massachusetts.

122/140 bridge over the Qunisigamond River.

The river upstream from 122/140.

Tunnel under the MassPike.

G&U Railroad bridge


Qunisigamond River - North Grafton

Qunisigamond and Blackstone Rivers - South Grafton   

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    Lake Ripple is downstream from the Ekblaw Landing.
    This photo looks toward Routes 122/140 near where
    they join, at the bottom of the hill below Grafton Center.

    The pictures above were taken in 2012. Those below
    are from 2013.

    In 2012, we saw just one swan. We were able to pass very close to
    him and it didn't seem to bother him at all. In 2013, the two parents
    got the cygnets off to the side and out of sight pretty quickly.

    We didn't get as far up the river in 2013 as we had in 2012.
    We were stopped by a beaver dam. A bit past the dam, you
    can see the G&U Railroad bridge across the river. Below,
    you can see two people who were walking along the tracks.

    We didn't see signs of beaver activity near the dam, other than the dam itself, but further
    downstream, just below the MassPike bridge, there were two trees that had been cut. I don't know
    about the one in the lower picture, but the one that was partly cut was the beaver favorite, aspen.

    Route shown in white line. We put in at the Ekblaw
    landing, went upstream until we reached the beaver
    dam, and then went down to Lake Ripple.

Below - pictures from May 3, 2014.
G&U Railroad bridge
Mass Pike in background

    As shown by the white line, we put in at the Ekblaw landing by Route 140,
    went upstream a little past the G&U bridge (we had to duck), and then
    downstream into Lake Ripple. The river begins at Lake Quinsigamond
    (Worcester/Shrewsbury) and flows down through Grafton, and into the
    Blackstone River in South Grafton.


Quinsigamond and Blackstone Rivers - South Grafton