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    The first alarm for the fire was called in at 2 pm
    on March 20, 1937. There was another call at 9:
    10 pm. The next day the fire department was
    called to return at 5:30 am and 2:10 pm. The last
    three calls were for "hay burning."

    The barn was on land that is now part of the
    Hopedale Country Club. When I spoke with
    Frances (Westcott) Rae some years ago, she told
    me that the Westcotts had owned two farms. One
    was where Laurelwood is now, and the other was
    where the golf course is. She said the one where
    the golf course is was called the Red Farm. The
    red barn was on one side of Mill Street and there
    was a red house across the street from it. At
    some point, the Howard family bought the Red
    Farm. They also had a home and greenhouses
    near Route 140 and Howard Street where they
    raised carnations.

    Thanks to Geri Cyr for this clipping.