Click here to see more on this accident at
    the site of the 1955 flood in Spindleville.

    Three damaged Sterling trucks belonging to three different companies, Gould,
    Rosenfeld and Videtta  This picture was probably taken in 1949 or 1950 based on the
    date on the number plate. Where all three trucks are Sterlings, the picture may have
    been taken at the Sterling dealership on Beacon Street in Boston, Massachusetts.

    A Rosenfeld tow truck and a Sterling mixer with
    what looks like a stuck Mack mixer.

The #32 Mack tow truck with an Autocar mixer in tow.

    The #24 Sterling and #32 Mack tow trucks working
    to get the #140 Autocar mixer unstuck.

Rosenfeld Company Accidents

Thanks to Paul Butcher for sending all of the photos, clippings and text on this page.

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