First Communion - Sacred Heart Church

    Recognize anyone? Know the year? Email link on homepage.

    Sent by David Noferi to Mike Cyr, who passed it on to me. Mike thinks it's about
    1959 or 1960.

    The following is from Mike.

    I can ID a few of the kids but they are so bunched together it will be a little tough.

    Where am I you ask?

    Second Row -third kid from the right- behind the first girl on the right in the front
    row with the flowered veil (yep the kid with the big grin)

    Front row 4th from left (with hands together is Alex Onechuck – Eddie Roleau next
    to him (head popping over shoulder- next to Eddie might be Steven Leoncini next
    kid is ? – next one (head over shoulder) is Fran Cormier – Next is a ? next one
    (behind the girl popping over altar rail) is Fred Leoper  I think the kid between me
    & Fred is Michael Coronet

    In the middle row to the right of dead center (4th boy to the right of the last girl)
    skinny darker complexion kid is John Abbruzzese.

    And I think the girl in the back with the glasses might be Marcia Look

    Cannot be 100% on any of these but 95-98%

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