Thanks to Skip and Andrea MacDonald for this picture from school year 1967-68.

I can only identify Chet Sanborn, on the right. Maybe you can give me a few names.

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Names below sent by Mike Connelly. (On the Mike Connelly page you can
also see photos of grade 5 in Dutcher Street School for 1966-67. It's also
on the
Aerosmith/Joe Perry page.)

Starting on the right in the back row is James Thibault, Peter Alden, David
Villani, David Rose, Susan Cutter, Amy Mosher? Dan Liberatore is holding
the sign on the left. Mary Ellen Donovan is over the P. Alfred Bliss is over
the E and Kathleen Care is holding the sign on the right. And, that might be
Miss Ripley? I am in the dead center.

Later Mike added, "The girl with dark hair to the right of me is Patty Domm.
The girl with the hat in the back row is Katherine Putnam? And the girl to
the right of her is Kathy Vance?"

Mike Cyr wrote, "The woman on left in the white coat is Mrs Santacroce. I
remember her telling me in 1965 that my mother had to be a saint ."