Hopedale: Commune to Company Town

    This summary of  Edward Spann's book on Hopedale was done by
    Norene Roberts. In addition to being a summary of the book, it's an
    excellent summary of Hopedale history.

    Error - page 4, 1890s. The total acreage of the town park and Parklands is
    nowhere near 1,000 acres, or 1/3 of the total area of the town. This
    mistake has been repeated elsewhere.

    Error - page 5, 1913. That should read Industrial Workers of the World, not
    International Workers of the World.

    Seems odd that while the entry for 1980 mentions "the parent company,"
    there is no mention of the takeover of Draper in 1967 by Rockwell Corp.
    (Later, North American Rockwell.) This isn't an oversight by Norene
    Roberts. The closest the book comes to mentioning this is the sentence,
    "In the 1960s the company divested itself of most of its town properties
    and was acquired by an outside owner, virtually severing its special links
    to the town."