Hopedale Suffrage Club Is Formed and Plans Busy Season

    Hopedale, Nov. 16-The newly formed Hopedale Suffrage Club met Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Herbert
    Shattuck and plans for the winter work were discussed and much interest manifested at the session.    
    Mrs. Mary Moore, a retired teacher from the Framingham Normal School, is president of the club, and Mrs.
    J.N. Nutter is secretary and treasurer.  Mrs. Cranston S. Thayer and Mrs. Proctor constitute a membership

    The club is to study citizenship and community interest, and work for the Red Cross.  Membership is not
    limited to suffragists, and anyone interested in the proposed line of study on the Red Cross is eligible, and
    may make application to the membership committee.

    The club proposes to hold a pre-Thanksgiving food sale in the store of H.L. Patrick.  Milford Daily News,
    November 16, 1916

    Hopedale women were far more militant in the days of the Hopedale Community than they seem to have
    been in 1916. To read what Abby Hills Price had to say sixty-six years earlier at the Worcester Women's
    Rights Convention in 1850, click here.  
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    The newspaper clippings on this page are from the
    weekly Milford Gazette and were copied from a
    scrapbook at the Bancroft Library, Hopedale.

Fanny Osgood is in the center in stripes in the photo above.

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