I took my camera to Hopedale Pond on June 10, 2006, to get some pictures of the high water. I wasn't expecting to see swans. So I got a bonus - swans in high water. They were still there the next day, but I haven't seen them since. There's been a pair on Rice City Pond in Uxbridge for several years. I've seen them about every time I've gone by. I happened to be going that way on June 11, and didn't see them, so I'm wondering if it was that pair who decided to take the weekend off and spend it somewhere else.

   Now it's June 27 and I haven't seen them since the 11th. Looks like things just didn't work out for them here. Too many Canada geese for them, maybe.

   As you can see from the link below, the swans were back to the pond by October. It's November 10, 2006 today, and I saw three of them this afternoon. (I've heard that there are four there.)

   And now the question: Is it a good thing that the swans are there, or not? I've heard different opinions as to whether they keep the Canada geese away. I've heard that they do, but I heard of a pond not too far from here where there are swans and also a good many geese. While I was walking in the Parklands today, I spoke briefly about them with a couple who were walking there. They felt that it's not good to have the swans there. Their objection was that they're not an indigenous species and that they chase off other water birds, especially the ducks, during nesting season.
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