Stained Glass Windows Restored at Town Hall

    HOPEDALE - After many years of coping with the fact that half of its stained glass windows were
    missing, the Hopedale Town Hall is now decorated with original window designs created by
    Andrew and Mary Shiff of Brush, Pane and Wheel Workshop in Medway.

      The wall of windows were original to the building. However, over the years one was stolen and
    another broken. This past summer, amidst town hall restoration, the people of Hopedale felt that
    replacing the windows had equal importance to the exterior of the building.

      Since July the Shiffs have been busy at work on the two windows. One is a recreation of an
    existing design, while the other, (18 square feet in size) is their own design, reflecting the others in

      This four and one-half by four and one-half foot window was installed on Oct. 30, after two months
    of cutting and leading glass. Mark Shiff, Andrew's brother, also of Medway, was in charge of the

      Both the installation and the windows were completed in much the same fashion as would have
    been done by 19th century craftsmen. The oak frame surrounding the window, made by Mark, was
    carved and formed on the premises using hand planes and a spoke shave. Milford Daily News,
    November 17, 1976.

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