Battery Cars, 1892 - The Reading Journal

    Thanks to Peter Metzke of Melbourne, Australia for sending the article above.

    Here's a bit of information on battery cars from Bob Heglund. "Battery cars didn't last
    too long across the country. The need for frequent recharging was an operational
    drawback. The advent of the electric trolley was a major setback for battery cars.

    Milford-Hopedale had six, built in 1890 by the Ellis Car Company, Amesbury. They
    were classed as 16 foot box cars. The 16 foot was the length of the passenger
    compartment and did not include the end platforms. Box meant they were an enclosed
    passenger car.

    The cars were acquired in 1901 by the Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street
    Railway. who spliced them in 1902 to make three double truck cars. Two of them were
    made into parlor cars while the third was a straight passenger car."
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