Grafton & Upton Railroad express motor 0213 in Hopedale yards.
    Purchased in 1930 from Worcester Consolidated Street Railway. Used a
    great deal for hauling hats from Upton to the Boston & Albany at Grafton.

    Closed single truck passenger car #97. This
    appears to be a photo taken when the car was built
    and before delivery to the Milford and Uxbridge.

    Double truck closed passenger car in Framingham.
    This type of car held down most of the runs before
    the delivery of the lightweight cars in 1923.
    Old postcard view of double truck passenger car on private right-of-
    way between Soward Street, Hopedale and North Avenue, Mendon.
    The photo location is in Hopedale. Some of this right-of-way is still
    visible. The message reads, "What would we do if it were not for these
    cars going by. Mar. 30, 1907. C.F. Briggs."

    Repair car somewhere out on the line. Note raised platform at  
    end of car. This was used to raise employees high enough for
    work on overhead trolley wires. It is in the days before safety
    regulations as evidenced by lack of protective railings.

Another postcard view of Nipmuc Park.
Trolleys In and Around Hopedale

Thanks to Bob Heglund for the photos and captions.

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