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From 1897 Sanborn insurance map of Milford.
    These articles miss the fact that for some years before the bridge across Hopedale
    Pond was built and the line extended through Mendon to Uxbridge, the trolley came
    from Milford into Hopedale and ended at Freedom Street. The service was to bring
    workers to and from the Draper Company. The line is shown on an 1898 map. As
    stated in the articles, it was in 1901 that it was extended to Mendon and Uxbridge.

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    A trolley crossing Hopedale Pond, with
    the Draper shop in the background.

    Motormen and Conductors of the Milford & Uxbridge St. Ry. Co. ca 1920. Back row: Dave Howard,
    Bill Birmingham, Charles O’Reilly, Bob Hunter, Billy Quirk, Johnnie Fox. Front row: Pete Robson,
    George Davis, Ed Savage, Roland Kennedy, E. Leroy Wheeler, Larry Hutchinson – Robin Philbin
    Collection - From a  Milford Facebook page.

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