Unitarian Church Choir, c. 1927

    The photo above was sent by Meredith Kennedy. Her relatives, the Bell family lived on Prospect Street and
    Meredith often visited them years ago. Meredith said of the photo, "In the attached picture of the Unitarian church
    choir, Gretchen (Bell) is in the middle of the front row, Vilja second from the right in the same row and Irma second
    from the right in the second row. This could be about 1927."

    Some time later, Meredith added, "My mother Irma Bell is second from the right in the second row. I imagine this is
    in the very late twenties as they are all teenagers. Gretchen was attending Posse-Nissen School in Oct. 1929 and
    married in Sept

    And a few hours after this went up, Fred Oldfield sent the following: "My grandmother is in the back row second
    from the left.   Marjorie Arnold at the time."  Most Hopedale people knew her as Marge Hattersley, the children's
    librarian at the Bancroft Library.

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