The three pictures above were taken inside
    Deiana's. The ones below are from Pasa Yarns.

Pasa Yarns rodent control agent - the cat, not DJ.

Scott's Village - Uxbridge

The Hopedale-Uxbridge Connection  



    I was looking at your April page just the other night and noted your photo of the first mill
    built in Uxbridge by Daniel Day in 1911 on Scott's lane, good photo !! I have more on it on
    the Stanley Mill page.

    The belfry atop the mill did have a bell within but long gone probably by the middle or end
    of the depression as so many others had the same fate - finding the money to eat each

    The photos taken inside Pasa Yarns were good, good to see DJ and the cat., just above
    his photo it looks to be an old Whitin spinning frame, and the photo showing the machine
    with the tapered cone is familiar by name, but cannot pick it. Oswald Lever in PA made a
    similar machine if I think its what it looks like - a quill or cop winder. Peter Metzke,
    Melbourne, Australia.