War Veterans

    If you have any stories you'd like to add here, let me know. Go to the email link on the
    homepage to send suggestions, requests and comments. This is not intended to be a
    complete list of Hopedale people who served in the armed forces. It's a menu with links to
    articles on most who were killed and a few others for whom I've found stories. To see
    complete lists, at the end of each war below, there is a link to the names on the town website.

    * Denotes killed in action or died in service during war.

    Civil War

    William F. Draper  In many battles - Badly wounded at the Wilderness    Letters, 1861 - 1862

    Charles Johnson *     54th Massachusetts Infantry - Died in Battle of Fort Wagner

    Gilbert Thompson   Served as a cartographer.  Survived to live an interesting life.

    Spanish-American War

    Paul T. French * Died on hospital ship, Bay State

    For more about Paul T. French see see Linda Hixon's book, Following the Threads,
    Buried at Sea: The Story of Paul French, by Nicole O'Connell. pp. 109 - 111.

    Carl Taft   With Air Force unit based at Nha Trang


    Memorial Day Observances