This photo of Hopedale Boy Scout Troop 1 was taken in the mid-sixties at the Community House.

    Here are a few names, at random. Maybe you can add more. George Daniels, Stevie Daniels, Freddie Loeper, (2 of them), Mike Cyr,
    Leigh Allen, Dan Malloy, Roy Baird, Nelson Thibault, Bobby Allen, Doug Scott, Steve Leoncini, David Carchio.  I ought to know a few
    more but that's it right now. Send me some more names if you can.

    October 2007 - Kathi Wright responded to my request with the following names: Raymond Coe, David Nichols, Richard Tosches,
    Jimmy Tracy, Russell Harmon, David D'Alio, Dana Francis, ? Tower, and Bobby Barrows.
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