This is the Hopedale High School Class of 1959. A few years later, anyway. The top picture was
    taken in June of 1948 at Park Street School. At that time, the other half of the class was going
    to the Chapel Street School. The bottom picture was taken in October 1952. By that time ,we
    (Yes, this is my class.) were going to the Dutcher Street School, but evidently they were still
    keeping us apart because that seems to be pretty much the Park Street group in the lower
    picture. Thanks to Bruce Lutz for sending the pictures. He wasn't in this class, but his brother
    Lynn (aka Barry) was.

    Here are names for the bottom picture, although I'm not going to try to go row by row, Not
    exactly, anyway.

    Ann Marie Kelley, Elberta Hilliard, Joyce Burtin, Alice Killion, Beverly Anderson, Diane
    McDonald (I think), Brenda Spadoni, Mary Shanahan, Leigh Allen, Ronnie Taylor, Lynn Lutz,
    Danny Malloy, Wayne Sanderson, Tommy Gillon, Eldon Swanson, Dave Harris, Craig Travers,
    Jack Hayes, Donnie Kimball, (Seems like Ronnie Kimball should be there too, but I don't see
    him. Phil Roberts and Donnie Moore, also.), Eddie Daige, Jimmy Woolheiser, Peter Billings,
    Chet Gould, Jackie Shanahan and Kurt Anderson. Many of the same are in the picture at the
    top, plus Billy Hall, Bruce Donald and maybe Virginia Sweet, Johnny Wilson and a couple of
    others. You can see that the girls were quite outnumbered in this class.

Class of 1959 50-year reunion   

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