Thanks to Dave Atkinson for sending this Cub Scout picture, taken, I think, around 1949 or 1950.  The
    following list was made up with assistance from Dave Atkinson and Dave Harris. I'm not going to try to put
    these names in order. That would be rather tricky. I'll list the names I have. If you know them, you can
    probably pick them out, and if you don't, it probably doesn't matter that you can't match a name with a face.
    Also, you can email me if there's anyone whose location in the picture you'd like to know. I'll help if I can.

    I'll start with those I'm certain or nearly certain about.  Phil Roberts, Mrs. Roberts, Eldon Swanson, Mr.
    Swanson, Norman Lussier, Jimmy Woolheiser, Mrs. Woolheiser, Teddy Hiscock, Mrs. Hiscock, Donny
    Moore, Mr. Moore, Anthony Cimino, Dave Harris, Mr. Harris, Ronny Kimball, Mrs. Kimball, Dave Atkinson,
    Dick Hensel, Dickie Farrell, Mr. and Mrs. Farrell, Wayne Sanderson, Billy Ohlson, Bobby Iacovelli, Ronny
    Skerry, Kurt Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Chet Gould, Gene Bonin, Tommy Gillon, Danny Malloy, Mrs.
    Malloy, Pete Billings.

    Now here's a few I'm not sure about. I'd like to hear from anyone who can confirm any of these or let me
    know that they're not in the picture. (Email link is on homepage.)  Lee Robbins, Roger Robbins, Connie
    Billings, Mr. Billings, Bruce Donald, Eddie Daige.

    I don't have the year for the Milford News photo below, but it's from the same era as the one above.

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