My guess is that the ball at the Community House was held on the night before
    the event at the park, and the parade was held on the day of the festival at the
    park. Then the Textileers sang from the bandstand, and at that time it was
    raining. Another possibility is that the ball was held on the night of the park event.
    My other guess is that this took place in 1953.

    In the second through fifth pictures, you can see the vacant lot where the gym
    was built a couple of years later. In those days, there wasn't a Hopedale High
    band, so on Memorial Day and in this parade, music was provided by  the Milford
    High band.

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    I think the boy leaning over the back of the goat in the goat cart pic is
    Ben Kin(g)sley--he had a sister Joan & I think they lived in the vicinity of
    the bath house--later moved to Florida. Shirley (Johnson) Cahill