Hopedale Community House Women's Club Fair, 1951

Beth Krauss, Anita Drisko, Patty Smith, Mrs. Snider, Anne Sadler, Mrs. Peterson.

Joan Meade, Janet Krauss, Mildred Noe

    Mrs. C.H. Espanet and Mrs. B.H. Bristow Draper, Jr. (Back then, when women
    married, it seems that they gained a last name and lost their first name.)

    This photo  is one of several in an album titled "School
    Children's Program supervised by F. Carlton Minor."

Mrs. John Hutchinson, club president, and Mrs. George Nichols, honorary chairman

Household Table - Mrs T.F, Scott, Mrs. T. F. Malloy, Mrs. G. R. Goff, Mrs. J.F. Clark

    That's Gordon Norton wearing the hat.The kid on the left is Wayne Sanderson. Phil Roberts is on the right.
    The two younger kids are probably Greg and Mike Norton. Thanks to Phil Roberts, Carol Whyte, Ted Malloy
    and Dick Grady for the names.

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