Little Red Shop Interior Menu

These photos show the Little Red Shop as it looked, with a few minor changes, from the time Draper Corporation set it up as a company museum in 1951 until the summer of 2007, when the looms were moved to storage in preparation for work to restore the building. Some changes have occurred as the Shop was converted into  a Hopedale town museum as well as a Draper museum. Click here to see photos of the renovation job. To see pictures from inside the Red Shop, as it looked before the 2007 work, go to the pages below.

Page 1 – Floor loom (a hand loom), Atwood silk loom, Kilburn loom.

Page 2
– Draper looms, models 36″ A, 36″ K and 40″ C.

Page 3
– Draper looms, model 40″ E, 50″ XD and two shuttleless looms.

Page 4
– Middle room – hand loom and spinning wheel.

Page 5 The office.

Page 6
– The temple.

Page 7 – The bobbin battery.

Page 8 – The shop in 1953

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