Hopedale, 1916

This map gives a rough idea of Hopedale in 1916, but I’ve noticed mistakes in several areas.  It shows three buildings on the southern side of Lower Jones Road.  (A bit below the caption, N. Dutcher St.  Marked in red in the map below.)  Actually, there is a house on the corner of Dutcher Street and one on the corner of Inman Street.  I’m quite sure there was never another one between them.  Also, it only shows one building on the block  to the right of the northeast corner of the shop area. (Blue) By that time the block would have included the Chapel Street School, the Dutcher Street School, the original Community school/chapel and another house.  Just to the right of that there’s nothing to indicate the Park House that would have been there by 1916.  The block marked in yellow below would have had just one large building on the Hopedale Street side. The Draper Main Office was built there in 1910. Northrop Street ends at the intersection with Freedom Street and Jones Road.  Where this is labeled Northrop Street is now Williams Street.  This may be a mistake or possibly there was a name change there at some time after this map was drawn. The area circled in green would have had the Hopedale Street fire station, the Bancroft house and at least one other house by 1916. Oak, Maple and Jones were built to erect Draper houses, but none are shown on the map.
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