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1851   Hopedale with some resident’s names

1854    Another rough idea of early Hopedale.

1856     A fairly easy to read street layout.

1858     Shop area.  Easy to read.

1870     From Route 16 to a little north of Freedom Street.

1875    The shop area and a few nearby homes.

1885     Sanborn insurance map

1886     Route 16 to Freedom Street.  Easy to read.

1888     “Birdseye view”

1890     From an atlas of Worcester County maps.

1892     Sanborn insurance map

1895     Very good.  Wish they were all like this one.

1895  Red Shop area    Enlarged section of the 1898 map.

1895 – old mill site    The Mill River from behind the Town Hall to a little south of Thwing Street.

Hopedale and Milford, c. 1895

1899     “Birdseye view.

Early Parklands maps  1899 and 1904.

The Parklands, 1913   By Warren Henry Manning.

1902 and 1912  Aerials of the Draper shops.

1916     Route 16 to the end of Dutcher Street.  Houses shown.

1916    “Birdseye view,” Draper plant and surrounding area.

1947 – 1970s  Aerials of Draper plant and surrounding area.

1956   Aerial photo of Hopedale

1960  Aerial photo of Hopedale

Historic District   

The Parklands, 2014  Map shows Eagle Scout project distance marker locations.

Google Earth views, Draper plant, 1995-2021  

Google Earth views, G&U Railroad yard, 1995 – 2021   

Google Earth views, Harmony development, 1995 – 2021   

Where’s Hopedale?  

Here’s a link that has been added to this page by request. – The redesigned offers free topographic maps of most major points of interest in the United State.. Users can search points of interest by name or geo-location and we have significantly improved the images and maps available. And here’s the link they were requesting that I add   

  Origins of street and place names in Hopedale 

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