Map c. 1890

This undated map is from a book of Worcester County maps. The page this one was on is titled, Hopedale, Grafton, Upton, Milford and Northbridge. It must have been drawn after 1889 because the G&U Railroad tracks that are shown here, were completed from Upton through Hopedale at the end of 1889. On the map, the trolley tracks end at the corner of Hopedale and Freedom streets. They were extended across Hopedale Pond and through Mendon to Uxbridge in 1900. They show up better on the map on my wall than they do here, but with a careful look, you can seen the dotted line in the middle of Main Street (now Route 16/Mendon Street) and along Hopedale Street to Freedom Street. Because the map is framed, I couldn’t successfully scan it. It doesn’t focus on the scanner unless it sits right on the glass, but the frame holds it up off the glass a bit. To get the images on this page, I had to use my camera.

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