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Life in Hopedale, by or about:

Elizabeth AdamsHopedale Community member who lived to the age of 100.

John Albee
– Life long ago in South Milford (Now South Hopedale)

Ray Andreotti – Artist, and member of several town boards.

The Arnold Family   Written in 1953.

David Atkinson
– Growing up in Spindleville.

Leonard Baird
– The Brae Burn, Drapers, Spartanburg, Greensboro, etc.

Eben Draper Bancroft – Son of Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft

Joseph Bancroft
– An account of his life by his daughter, Lilla Bancroft Pratt.

Lilla (Bancroft) Bracken Pratt
Daughter of Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft

Charles and Lura (Bancroft) Day   – Daughter of Joseph and Sylvia Bancroft

Sylvia Bancroft
Also by Lilla Bancroft Pratt.

William H. Barney, Sr. and William H. Barney, Jr
. –  WHB, Sr was manager of Hopedale Coal & Ice, and an early Hopedale photographer. WHB, Jr. provided information about his father and the photos.

Eva (Bresciani) Barsanti
  Working at the Brae Burn Inn and other Hopedale memories.

Otto Beiersdorf
Nephew of Paul von Hindenburg, gun collector.

John P. Benda – Eulogy.

Richard Bodreau
– Growing up in Hopedale in the 1960s and ’70s.

George Bushnell
Draper and Country Club memories

Byrne Family Farm
A small dairy farm in the 1940s – Hartford Avenue

Kleber Campbell
 – Country doctor

John Cembruch
– Growing up in the Seven Sisters in the 30s and 40s, working at Drapers, the great Roosevelt prank, dealing with “the man,” the union, and more. Cembruch, Part 2  Part 3

Hester Chilson
  Hopedale resident from 1920 until her death in 2005 at the age of 100.

John ChuteWhite City

Marshall Clark
– Growing up in Hopedale in the 1920s and 1930s.

Marge Clinton – Went to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth  

John Coniaris, M.D
. – Obituary

Michael Connelly
– A boys life in Hopedale, 1965 – 1970.

Dana Cutter
– From pot scrubber to class president to plaque on the wall at CCHS.

Mike Cyr
– Working in textile mills. Vanilla Coke – Mike’s memories of the drug store.

Virginia Cyr   Hopedale reporter for the Milford News.

Lucy Day
– Obituary.

Esther “Tootsie” DelettiMilford,   Hopedale Pharmacy,   The Larches, etc.

Mort Dennett
 Town clerk for many years.

Charles Dillon, Jr.
 Drowned in Spindleville Pond, 1944.

Charles Espanet – Teacher, coach, parks department recreation director.

Freddie Evers Snow plowing in the old days.Highway Department superintendent

Carol Strobeck Fannelli and Priscilla Knight Elliott
 – Hopedale in the 1950s

Julius Firmin Growing up in Fitzwilliam, NH, farming, driving truck, etc.

Frederick FitzGerald  Draper research head killed in plane crash, 1960

Dana Francis
Aerosmith and “pre-Aerosmith.”

Thomas Gaffney – Hopedale and Drapers back to the 1870s.

Gannett Family
By Dorothy Draper Gannett Hamlen, daughter off Gov. Draper

John “Gilly” Gilbertson
– Served during World War II on a sailboat, and much more.

Robert “Zeke” Hammond  
– Third-generation Hopedale resident – Depression memories.

Don Handley – The Town Hall Spa, 1940 – 1957

Marjorie Hattersley
– Children’s librarian at the Bancroft Library.

Betty Henneberry – Growing up in South Hopedale

Heman Hersey  One of the  last Hopedale residents to have smallpox.

Art Holmes
Hopedale in the 40s.

Bob Holmes  – Hopedale in the 40s.

Marjorie Horton
– Growing up on Bancroft Park, the ski hill, and more.

Ruth and Frances Howarth
– Champion swimmers, 1938 – 1940.

John and Eleanor (Crockett) Hutchinson – Milford News article, studying at the Sorbonne, etc..   

Patricia (McKeon) Johnson – Growing up in Hopedale in the 1940s.

Dr. Verner Johnson
 Office at Adin Street home in the 1950s.

Sam Kellogg
Highway superintendent, police chief, fire chief, selectman, etc., etc

Meredith Kennedy
– Memories of the Bell family of Prospect Street.

Jeanne Kinney
– Founder, Friends of Adin BallouObituary and words of remembrance.

Dennis Lamothe – Obituary

William Lapworth
– Hopedale Elastic Fabric Company.

Paul Lawson – The Pest House and Elmhurst Farm  

Joe Leoncini
– Memories that go back to the twenties.

Ron L’Heureux
– The Draper apprentice school.

Tom Lipsky   –Parklands memories.

Fred Loeper – Growing up in Hopedale in the 1960s.

Marilyn “Lyn” Lovell – Growing up on a Vermont farm.

Cecilia “CeCe” Malloy   Memories from friends and family

Dan Malloy
– Memories of the 1940s and 1950s.

Ed Malloy
 – Henry Patricks, working in Milford, etc.

Elaine Malloy
Director of the Bancroft Library, 1988 – 2001.

Evelyn Malloy
– Words of remembrance   

Tom Malloy   – Hopedale police chief from 1943 to 1963

Hermina Marcus    – White City, Drapers, the war years, softball, etc.

Al Marzetta   – The Maple Street neighborhood
in the 1940s and 1950s.

John Mayo – A resident of The Ledges for 54 years, and well-known around town.

Don McGrath
 – The Oak Street. Freedom Street neighborhood; horse-drawn milk wagons.

Dave Meade – Hopedale and Milford rock bands of the sixties and seventies.

Philip and Kenneth Melin – Died in Hopedale Airport plane crash, 1972.

Charles Merrill  – Hopedale in 1910.

The Midgley family
– Coming to America from Keighley, Yorkshire.

Harry Midgley, Jr. – Injured by a “robot bomb.”

Wilfred Midgley – Prisoner of war during World War 11.

Carl Miner
– Coach, gym teacher, obituary

Dick Moore   – Hopedale selectman, state senator, – An address to the Union Church Men’s Brotherhood, 1986

Denise Moroney – Growing up in Spindleville

Arnold Nealley – Photograper, hunter and fisherman.

Dana Newcombe – Aerosmith, the Hopedale Airport crash, and more.

Eugene Newhall – White Mountain vacation, 1910

William F. Northrop – Obituary

Elizabeth Noyes  – Born in Hopedale in 1890.

Winogene (Phipps) Noyes – Hopedale historian.

Beverly (Sparhawk) Orff – Born in what later became the Sacred Heart rectory.

Arthur “Red” Pennington – Cartoons of Draper employees in the 1950s.

Joe Perry and Aerosmith   

Mary Perry – Mary’s aerobics project, obituary

Mary Phillips – Memories of her Milford and Hopedale years

Robert S. Phillips – Obituary

Frances Rae  – Spindleville

Roy Rehbein  –  Also, growing up in Hopedale … .. and Roy’sgood night for a swim” story.

James Roberts – Diary entries from 1946.

Philip Roberts – Obituary and family photos

James Ronan – Obituary

Charles Roper – Inventor.

Sylvester Roper – Motorcycle inventor – Hopedale resident???

Rosenfeld family and business   

Kenneth Sanderson  Inventor at Drapers and at home.

Mary Jean Newhall Seaburg   Our Gang circuses and more.

Sheril Sears – Photos, plus poem written for Hopedale Centennial.

Roberta Simmons  – Spindleville.

Pearl Sneiderman
– Saved crippled brother from fire

Claude Snider  – Draper executive

Anna Thwing Spaulding – Christmas in early Hopedale.

Dot Stanas   Hopedale in the 30s and 40s.

John Stanas
  Champion swimmer

Leola Stearns – Henry Patrick’s Store

Henry Stenberg, Jr. – Obituary

Robert Stewart – Obituary

Marcelle Stoltz – Northrop street resident, grew up in France and Germany during World War II.

Peg Sweeney – The Boston Celtics at The Larches   

Reggie Sweet – The Westcott Mill

Al Tarca – Life in Milford, Hopedale, and in the Navy in World War II

Gilbert Thompson – A founder of the National Geographic Society. and fingerprinting pioneer.

Muriel (Henry) Tinkham – The Henry family farm on Dutcher Street.

John Verrelli – Draper employee, hunter, fisherman

Dick Volpe
– The Navy, Drapers, ATF Davidson, Data General, and more.

Richard Wade
– Obituary

Samuel Walker –  President of Home National Bank, mansion near Mill River

Warfield family genealogy   

Bill Wright
– Memories of Joe Perry and the early days of Aerosmth, etc., and links to more of Bill’s memories.

Gary Wright
– A Hopedale Pond fish story.

World War II
– the war years in Hopedale – Memories of Dot (Bell) Stanas, Muriel (Henry) Tinkham, Liz (Gaskill) Demars, Perry and Shirley (Patinaude ) MacNevin, Phil Roberts, Dave Atkinson, and Dan Malloy.

Origen Young
– Noted organist.

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