Then and Now in Hopedale

11 Hopedale Street   

Adin and Lucy Ballou Home   

Adin Ballou Park   

Adin Street   

Adin and Mendon Streets Corner

Airport / farm   

Apartment house – Dutcher Street    

Bancroft Library   

Bancroft Park   


The beach at Hopedale Pond   

Brae Burn Inn / parking lot   

Byrne family farm  

Caboose houses of Hopedale  

Carpenter Road   

Chapel Street Block   (Between Chapel, Hopedale, Freedom and Dutcher)

Charles River at Howard Street   

Community House  

Country Club

Cumberland Farms   

Depot Street – Home School, Legion Home, police station

Draper Field   

Draper Fire Stations   

Draper Gas Station on Dutcher Street   

Draper Gym   

Draper Main Office / Draper Place Assisted Living   

Draper plant – Hopedale and Freedom streets   

Draper tomb – General Draper and family   

Draper Corporation Yard   

Driftway and Cutler Streets   

Dutcher Street  

Dutcher / Social intersection   

Dutcher Street School / condos     

Dutcher / Hope intersection   

Fire Station   

Grafton & Upton Railroad Station   

Grafton & Upton Railroad bridge, Hopedale Street   

Griffin-Dennett Apartments   

Hammond Road   

Harrison Block   

High School (original) / Sacred Heart Church   

High School / General Draper Home   

Hope Street Bridge  

Hopedale Center   

Hopedale Coal & Ice   

Hopedale Pond – The lower end   

Hopedale Street 

Hopedale Street – Looking north from Route 16   

Hopedale Village Cemetery   

Hose House / Bancroft House    

Icehouse / West-Gannett House   

Inman Street   

Italian Club and Bright Oak Club   

Jones Road   

Jones Road – Maple Street  

Lake Street area (including Progress and Soward)

The Larches   

The Ledges

Mellen Street bridge   

Memorial School / Clare Draper Home   

Mill Pond, Route 140   

Nipmuc Rod & Gun Club   

Northrop Street-Jones Road   

Oak Street   

Overdale Parkway  

Park House / Dutcher-Freeom Corner   

Park Street Prefabs   

Park Street School / Bright Beginnings   

Patrick’s Corner Store / Stone’s Furniture   

Patrick’s Store / Rico’s / Medical building

Post Office   

Roper Shop / Home at 25 Northrop Street     

Sacred Heart Church / Original High School   

Saltbox Road   

The Seven Sisters   

Ski hill   


Statue of Hope  

Town Hall   

Town Park   

Union Church   

Unitarian Church   

VFW Home   

The Water Cure House   

The Watering Trough   

White City                           

   Hopedale History Timeline       Street and Place Names