Before the renovation project began, there were clapboards from an earlier unfinished project stored inside the shop. It was decidced that they could be used, and should be painted first. Working on that project on the left is Elaine Malloy, Merrily Sparling and Marsha Matthews. Elaine is also in the picture on the right.

After the new siding was on and other carpentry work completed, the shop was covered with a coat of gray primer.

The D & E Painting Company (David Farrer and Eric Schermerhorn, co-owners) volunteered to do the painting. The paint was donated by the Benjamin Moore Company. First the shop was covered with a coat of gray primer, and in July 2008, it was painted red.

As the months went by, waiting for the right weather to cover the primer coat with it’s final color, we were constantly being asked, “Isn’t the shop going to be red?” Eventually I put the answer out for all to see.

Below, committee members and others getting a photo op putting on a few brushstrokes of red.

Left to right – David Farrer, Dan Malloy, Elaine Malloy, Merrily Sparling, Sen. Dick Moore, Scott Kaplan of the Benjamin Moore Co., Tom McGovern, Bill Gannett and Eric Schermerhorn.

D & E painters at work.

Painting the Little Red Shop

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