This photo shows the South Hopedale School and Cemetery across the street from Rosenfeld’s Concrete.  The school, built in 1855, was the third in the area.  It has been the Lussier family residence since about 1935.  Norman Lussier lived there until near the end of his life in 2011. It was razed in 2017.This picture is in the second printing of Images of America: Hopedale, (p. 121) but not the first.  We wanted to use a story about how Memorial Day was observed at the school but we hadn’t seen this photo until after the book went  to print.  Since this went with the story much better than the picture that we used in the first printing, we convinced the publisher to make the change.  We became aware of the photo through Roberta Simmons and obtained a copy from the original owned by Shirley Nixon.

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