Hopedale Pond

Pre-1910 Hopedale Pond photos   

The pond, 1905, 1920, 1945 and 2003   

The pond in the early twentieth century  – Boat races, boathouses, and parasols.

Hopedale’s Glorified Mill Pond   

Tub race   

Dredging Hopedale Pond, 1949  

Park and pond memories from the ’50s   

Flood, 1955   

Hopedale Pond, 1962 – a few names and faces

Kids at the pond – most identified

The last years of swimming at Hopedale Pond.   

Plowing snow off the ice on Hopedale Pond    

Ice-out   When does the ice on Hopedale Pond melt?   

Winters on Hopedale Pond  

Icehouses on Hopedale Pond  

Fisherman’s Island   

Fisherman’s Island Eagle Scout project.   

The Bridges of Hopedale Pond   (Freedom Street, trolley, Cutler’s, Rawson’s, Rustic)

Hopedale Pond, August 3, 2006

Hopedale Pond without water – December 2006. And also dry on August 2010.

Hopedale Pond, October 20, 2009

Hopedale Pond – August 14, 2010   

Hopedale Pond – September 1, 2010  

Repairing the dam – 2010

Now and Then at Hopedale Pond  

Vandalism at Fisherman’s Island, Spring 2012.  


The Parklands  

Parklands Access Information  

A Walk Through the Parklands, with pictures and text – Hopedale Street to the First Bridge     First Bridge to Second Fireplace     Mid-point Firepace to Maroney’s Grove    Rustic Bridge to Freedom Street      The Lookout    Saltbox Road (It’s not necessary to come back here to go through all of these pages. Each one has a link to the next.)

Parklands, 1899 – 1905 – Reports of the Park Commissioners

Parklands Memories – Tom Lipsky  

Parklands map, 1904 –  With names of property owners of the area at that time.

Parklands map, 1913 – By landscape architect, Warren Henry Manning. Much more detailed than the 1903 map.

Parklands Forestry Project – 2012   

Parklands map, 2014 – Map shows Eagle Scout project distance marker locations.

Park and Parklands History – Gordon Hopper article.

The Parklands and the G&U Railroad – Railroad expansion, etc.

Willard Taft plaque near Parklands entrance   

Park Department History   This is an extensive history of the Park, pond and Parklands from 1899 to the present, done by Rick Espanet.

Adirondacks at the Lookout  

Carpenter Road – Not actually in the Parklands, but nearby. A nice walk in the woods off of the G&U tracks. (Or, it used to be.)

Warren Henry Manning – The landscape architect who designed the Town Park and Parklands.

Drone View of the Park and Parklands

Parklands Fairy Walk   2018     2019    2022     2023    

Town Park

Field Days   

Field Day photos   Nineteen on four pages   

Draper field day, 1929   

Town Park History by Gordon Hopper

Town Park – early 1900s  

Park programs 1967 – fishing derby and tennis tournament

Millstones at the Freedom Street park entrance – Where they came from and how they got there.

Drone View of the Park and Parklands   


Draper baseball, 1948

Hardball Paternalism, Hardball Politics   – Labor relations and Blackstone Valley baseball.

Draper soccer team, 1923 Milford Ford baseball team, 1933   

Hopedale High baseball team, c. 1935   

Draper Blackstone Valley League baseball team of 1935, at 1976 reunion.

Tennis champs of 1938   

Women’s softball team, 1943   

Errecting department softball team  

Undefeated – the Hopedale High basketball team of 1956-57   

Little League All-stars. 1959  

JV Basketball team – 1961-62

John Stanas – champion swimmer.

The Howarth sisters – record-setting swimmers   

Pistol, rifle and skeet shooting   

Fanny Osgood – One of the best known woman golfer of the early twentieth century.

The J’s – Senior Ruth team

Milford Legion Baseball, 1970, 1972    

Cross country team, 2007  – Winners of Division 2 Central Massachusetts and state titles.

Lekia Cowen – Milford Daily News Athlete of the Week, December 30, 2007.

Tom LIberatore – Milford News – Yesterday’s Hero   

Road race – August 21, 2010.     Road race – August 20, 2011     Road race – May 2013

Milford News article on Coach Joe Small – May 2012

Hopedale High boys basketball 2020 – Going to state finals, until…

Girls’ basketball wins state championship  

Running coach Joe Drugan  

Hopedale High School Athletic Hall of Fame


The Mill River   A Gordon Hopper article on the history of the river.

Draper Gym – Milford News articles from 1955   

The Boston Celtics at the Draper Gym        Bill Russell at the Larches  

Draper Field  

Soapbox derby races, 1950, 1951 and 1952  

Arnold Nealley – Hunter and fisherman   

Nipmuc Rod & Gun Club   

Now and Then at the Hopedale Country Club    

The Ski Hill – Read about the Hopedale Ski Hill on a website of memories of long-gone hills.

More on the ski hill – Milford News photos for 1967 and 1968.

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