Unitarian Church choir, c. 1927

First Communion, Sacred Heart Church, 1958

First Communion, Sacred Heart, c. 1959

The Unitarian Church choir, 196?

Sacred Heart Church First Communion, 1976

First Communion, Sacred Heart Church, 1979

Kingdom Hall, Jehovah’s Witnesses  

Sacred Heart Church  

Union Evangelical Church  

Unitarian Church  

Draper Corporation

Draper shuttle workers, 1903

Draper field day, 1929

Draper Main Office workers  

Draper’s first computer and a few workers with it.

Retirement party, 1950, with many identified Draper executives.

Draper family reunion in Hopedale, c. 1999  

The Textileers  

Draper Menu  

Hopedale Pond

Kids at Hopedale Pond   and more   and more 

Lifeguards, etc. at Hopedale Pond, 1962

Canoe kids – five teens in a canoe – 1982

Pond Menu  


Who are they…and where is that house? Mystery partly solved. Take a look.

Hopedale-Milford Florida picnic  

Women’s Club Fair, 1951  

Oak Street/Jones Road kids  

Mendon Street kids, early 1950s  

Police Department, 1950s

Not a picture of people – pictures of names, written over several decades on the wall of a closet in the town hall, evidently done by play cast members.

Grand Opening at Rico’s Food Center  

Rainbow Girls   

Blueberry pie eating contest, 1970 

Community House audience –  Bicentennial event  

Centennial kids  

Milford News photos, April 1971 – junior prom, high school play, Eagle Scouts

Misc MDN photos, 1972  

Pet show, 1976

Tree planting, 1980s  

Kids viewing art exhibit at the Community House  

School and Class Reunions

Hopedale High Class of 1909   

Class of 1928  

Hopedale High photos – late 1930s  

Class of 1941 50 year reunion

Hopedale High Class of 1944 – 50-year reunion

Class of 1946 66-year reunion

Class of 1949, El Paso reunion.  

Class of 1952 60-year reunion 

Washington trip –  Class of 1956.  

Memorial School third grade play, 1957

Hopedale High Class of 1957 – 25-year reunion

Class of 1959  

Hopedale High Class of 1960 – Park Street, Grade 4

Memorial School kindergarten, 1961

Class of 1961  

Patrol boys, Dutcher Street School, 1961 – 62

Class of 1962, kindergarten, Wash trip, reunion photos

Class of 1963 Washington trip

National Honor Society, 1966

Class of 1969, 10-year reunion 

Junior prom, 1970

Class of 1971  

National Honor Society, 1973 

Hopedale High Class of 1986, 30-year reunion.

Safety Patrol, 1967-68  


Campfire Girls, c 1950

Cub Scouts – c. 1950

More Cub Scouts     and one more page.  

Campfire Girls, 1952  

Camp Fire Girls, 1965

Boy Scouts – 1960s Link goes to the first in a series of eight pages.

More Boy Scouts from the 1960s

Little League junior division champs, 1975 – Police

Boy Scouts at Camp Resolute, 1979.  

Boy Scouts at Hidden Valley Camp, NH, 1980  

Boy Scouts – mid-sixties       More from the mid-sixties  


Baseball team – 1927

Baseball team – c. 1935

Baseball team – c. 1940

Sacred Heart peewee baseball team – 1947

Basketball team, 1951  

Little League – Hopedale Pharmacy

Little League All-Stars, 1959  

Undefeated – HHS basketball, 1956-57  

Hopedale Pharmacy Little League teams – late fifties

Worcester County Industrial Gun Club, 1958

HHS girls’ softball team, 196?  

Little League – Police team, c. 1960

Police Little League team – probably 1962

Tennis clinic – 1966

Field hockey team, 1966

Hopedale High Athletic Banquet, 1966

Basketball team, 1967

Basketball team -mid-1970s

Sports Menu