Dutcher Street - September 1. Three houses are going up, just past 185.

   Hopedale Pond from the Rustic Bridge - September 1. Click on the picture for more.

   Hopedale Pond, September 6. I don't know if the fishermen were having any luck, but the clam diggers were filling their bags. What are fresh water clams good for?
Click here for a bit about them.

   The Westcott family plot at Hopedale Village Cemetery. Click on the picture for more on the Westcotts.

   September 7

   Repairs to the dam at Freedom Street have begun - September 8

   Members of Preservation Mendon visited the Hopedale Village Cemetery on September 8. Cemetery Superintendent John Foley (in doorway on right) opened the
George Albert Draper mausoleum and pointed out many of its interesting features. As you can tell, my flash didn't go off when we were inside, but perhaps it was just as well in a "no Drapers were disturbed during this visit" sort of way. Click on the picture for more pictures of the tombs, along with who is buried in each of them.

   By the dam at Hopedale Pond- September 12. The work  shown in the picture is not what is referred to in the Milford News article below. As the article indicates, that hasn't started yet.
...officials found deterioration under the dam's apron that is believed to have played a role in the water drop, along with a lack of rain. Officials have put together a plan to pound sheet metal piping into the bottom of the pond a few feet in front of the dam apron. The water between the piping and apron will be drained, and the space will be filled, essentially extending the apron farther into the pond. Milford Daily News, September 16, 2010.

   Yes, it really is Hopedale Pond. I figured that after all the pictures I've posted here showing how awful it looks, I should also show that at the right time and place it can look pretty good. This was taken looking upstream on September 14, from between the First Fireplace on the right and the Gannett place on the left.

   Friends of Music returnable container drive - September 18.

   The Halloween items table at the Friends of Elders Shop in the town hall. The shop is open Thursdays through Saturdays from 10 to 1.

   And yes, back to the pond again. It's a "mini-dredging" project that they do now and then, to remove the sand, etc. that washes in a little below the bathhouse - September 20.
Click here to see pictures of the big dredging job of 1949.

   Don Handley points to the sign in the window of the Town Common at Hopedale Town Hall. Don's father, Norm, operated the Town Hall Spa there from 1940 to 1957. Norm opened Pop's Popcorn on North Avenue, Mendon in 1953

   Vehicle fair in the park - September 25. There were a lot more vehicles than can be seen in this picture, including a helicopter.

   New England asters near the railroad bridge on Hopedale Street. Click on the picture for more Hopedale wildflowers.

Hopedale in September 2010

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