First Communion - Sacred Heart Church - 1958

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   From Dick Grady: The altar boys are Jake Grady and Jimmy Stock. Dick also sent along the following names; (I'm not going to get into who's where right now.) Abbruzzese, Guglielmi, Cipriano, Bacon, Paul Tosches, Victor Mantoni.

And now from my cousin, Beth (Wright) Morrow, here are some more names: Front row, from left - Ted Mitchell, Mark Johnson, Tom Abbruzzese, David Guelielmi, Alan ?, Anthony Cipriani, Jackie Bacon, Paul Tosches.

  Since the rows aren't all that straight, at this point I'm going to give names, but I'm not going to try to go row by row. Victor Mantoni, Alan Luce, Richard LeClair, John MacDougall, Michael Phillips, Donna Rockwood, John Cirioni, Beth Wright, Debby Potty, Jessica Veins, Patty Riccardelli, Mary Ann Meade, Patty Malia, Lisa Condon, Cheryl Strobeck, Susan Salvia, Bonny Durham, and Laura Dec. The older priest is Fr. Thomas Connellan. The younger one is Fr. Coonan, I think.

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