Hopedale Pond, December 17, 2006. I've been told that the water level has been lowered
    so the dam can be checked.

    Occasionally I've seen a few seagulls on the pond, but not often and not many. There
    have been many more than usual for more than a week now. I suppose they're finding it
    easy to get lunch in the little puddles that get left behind as the water level drops.

    In the picture at the top, the fieldstone side of the Rustic Bridge can be seen at the bottom.
    The view is looking  upstream. The second picture shows where a long-gone bridge once
    crossed the pond. This 1913 map of the Parklands refers to it as "Site of Cutler Bridge."
    The Cutler Farm was on the east side of the pond, including the area that is now Cutler

    As you can see, when water is low, it's much more obvious as you go upstream.

    December 22 - The water level has been rising for the last day or so. Evidently they're
    through checking the dam.

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