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Hopedale in 2008

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Snow day - January 14   

The Crystal Ball - February 2.  

Hopedale Pond and Parklands, March 6  

Town Hall stained glass windows  

The G&U Railroad in May  

Memorial Day  

Band concert - June 25  

   Photos from the site of some of the scenes from the movie, The            Surrogates -
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Sunday in the Parklands - August 3.  

Moving the hand loom at the Little Red Shop  

Cookout at Daniels Farm for area historical commissions  

Day in the Park  

Hopedale Pond in September  

Hopedale Pond in October       More of the pond in October        The lower end of the pond on October 27  

Site of the G & U station, a week after it was razed.

Mill Street bridge - December 2

   Flood at Mill Street -
December 12, 13, 15 on YouTube.
Blackstone Gorge, December 13   Blackstone River, Woonsocket, December 13.  

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