Dick Grady and Dennis Bishop came up with some names to go with the faces in this picture. Do you have any additions or
    corrections you can send me? (Email link on the homepage.)

    Back row: ?, Ray Morin, Dickie Hammond, Dennis Bishop, Dennis Simmons (?), Jimmy McCallum, Gary Moran, Jonathan
    Potter (?), Carl Miner at far right.

    Additions to back row sent by Tom Lipsky and Bruce Lutz: (Question marks are theirs - not mine.)  Susan Berry? (in water on
    left), Eric Carlson, Kenny Simmons, not Dennis), Jack or Gary Moran, Dennis Simmons. (Obviously I'm skipping some here,
    figuring those of you who have found your way to this page probably know these kids well enough to match names with

    Front row: ?, Jessica Veins, RoseEllen Morey (?), Denise Spencer, Christine Gaffney, Pearl Gorondi, ?, Karen Rehbein,
    Racine, ?, Susan Leoncini, ?

    Tom and Bruce additions for the front row: Debbie or Susan Durham?, Rosewita, (not RoseEllen), Morey, Jeannette Tiernan,
    Marie Racine, Marilyn or Kathy Strobeck?

    And here's more from Tom. Bruce and I worked out almost everyone. For example, the girl to Janette Tiernan's immediate
    left is Susan White; then Rehbein, then Marie Racine, then ?, then Susan Leoncini, (corrected below - Janice Mainville - not
    Susan Leoncini)  then ?

    In the back row, we don't think that is Jonathan Potter next to Moran; the age is off, along with the looks. The girl to Dennis
    Simmons' immediate left is Karen Cutter, then Jane Smith, then ? (I think her name is/was Gallerani).

    These are all educated guesses, but we think we are correct on all that we have
    Tom L.

    Look at the picture below with the letters for additions and corrections to the identifications above.


    Dan--here you are, but verify them:

    A= Fred Foster
    B = Raymond Morin
    C= Dicky Hammond
    D= Dennis Bishop
    E = Kenny Simmons
    F= Jim McCallum
    G = Jackie Moran (Deb Carnaroli says this is Rusty Wade)
    H=  Bill Miller
    I = ?
    J= Dennis Simmons
    K = Karen Cutter
    L=Debby Hoglund
    M = Judy Gallerani
    N = F. Carlton Miner  
    O = Bonnie Durham
    P = Jessica Viens
    Q = Roswitha Morey
    R = Denise Spencer
    S = Christine Gaffney
    T = Janet Tiernan
    U = Susan White
    V = Karen Rehbein
    W = Marie Racine
    X = ? (Seems appropriate that X is unknown. If anyone can solve for X, I'll put her name here.)
    Y = First identified as Susan Leoncini - later as Janice Mainville - Confirmed by Janice.
    Z = Patty Strobeck

        These are to my knowledge, the names. The photo was taken around 1959 or 1960.

        You might want to contact someone from the class of '67 or '68 or '69 to verify and get the missing ones. Also, check with
    Bruce who is actively working on it.

       We think the girl in the water in the back is Brenda Berry.   

        Amazing that there are 26 people on the raft, one for each letter.


    Identification of Debby Hoglund and Bonnie Durham sent by Karen (Cutter) Hensel.

The picture below is from Dave Guglielmi.

    Lifeguard, back, center - Billy Ohlson..

    Back row, second from right - Hank Cyr.

    Here are some identifications from Ingrid (Anderson) Colby.

    The top row: ?, Albert,, Steven.. (class of 63), Ingrid Anderson, Linda Fitch, ?, Paul Racine, ?
    (class of 63) and ?

    Sitting: Ingrid Nelson, Edie Sanborn, ?,?, Deborah Anderson, ? and Janie Smith.

    Here are some names from Tom Lipsky.

    On the far left is Dave Beard's brother, Billy, with glasses; then ?, followed by one of the
    Ostroskys (Steven?).To Hank Cyr's left could be Paul Zampino.

    Standing to Linda Fitch's left is Cheryl Carlson.

    Bottom row, 4th from left is Susan Hoglund, I believe. And I don't think the girl on the right is
    Janie Smith, but I have no name yet.

    And just shortly before hearing from Tom, I had another message from Ingrid (Anderson)
    Colby. Hi Dan. The guy next to me is Steve Ostrowski.

    Minutes later, from Deb Carnaroli. Pretty sure on a few names on Billy Olsen photo.

    Steve Ostrosky next to Ingrid Anderson Colby  Linda Fitch, .Cheryl?.Carlson (lived on Dana
    Park), Paul Racine, Hank Cyr, Paul Zampino.

    Ingrid Lewison (moved to ME w Drapers), Edie Sanborn,  ?,   ?,  Debbie Anderson, agree

    Loved Bill Olsen...Patience of Jobe

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