Hopedale Boy Scout Troop 1. The top picture was taken at Camp Resolute. The other two were taken in the
    Community House. All are from the mid-sixties. Thanks to Mike Cyr for sending them.

    After these pictures had been up for a few days, I received the following from Charlie Dennett:.

    Middle picture. From left. Mr. Bob Barrows, Steve Leoncini, Bob Barrows, Mr. Loeper, Mike Cyr, Fred Loeper,
    ???  (I'll help you out here, Charlie. That's me, Dan Malloy, at the far right.)

    Bottom picture. Back row appears to be,???,???, Steve Leoncini, Mike Cyr, Bob Barrows, Doug Scott, Fred
    Loeper, Ed Rouleau, ???

    Next row. Fifth from right appears to be Bob Scott. Next row, adult leaders plus a couple of scouts.
    Next row, third from left, (with white neckerchief) looks to be Bob Allen. Next to him looks like Ray Coe, maybe.

    That's Stevie Daniels, son of George, sitting in front in the bottom picture.

    Jay Johnson found himself in two of these pictures.   Top picture, at bottom right   Bottom picture, three up from
    the bottom, on the left.
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