March 1

    There have been lots of Verizon trucks like
    this around town lately, since they've been
    approved as a cable tv provider here.

    March 4 - A good day to stand on
    the ice at Spindleville Pond.

    Winkie and Mandy taking a
    break from their busy day

                Hopedale in March 2011   


    Neighboring town pictures for March -
    West Hill Dam - Uxbridge. Click here
    for more about the dam and the site.
    Click here to see stills and video of
    high water at dams in Hopedale,
    Uxbridge and Northbridge on March 7.

    March 9 - Click on the picture to go to
    Now and Then at Cumberland Farms.

    March 11 - When will the ice be gone? Click
    on the picture to find the date for other years.

    Hopedale Pond and Parklands - March
    12. Click on the picture for more.      

Town Park - March 12. It's beginning to look like spring.

South Hopedale Cemetery - March 13.

March 18 - Warm and windy.

    The moon on March 19. This month's full moon
    was called the supermoon. Evidently even the
    moon has a PR agent. Thanks for the picture, DJ.

    The picture on the left shows Hopedale Pond at 4 pm on March 19.
    There was still a little ice in the lower end at 7:30 on the morning of
    the 20th (first day of spring), but it was gone by 4 pm when the
    picture on the right was taken. When has the ice been gone from the
    lower end of the pond in past years? Click here to see.

Early robins looking for early worms.

Town park on March 21 - the first full day of spring.

March 24 - Above - Town Park, 4:15 PM

         Below - Inman Street, 5 PM