Adin Ballou poses for a picture on May Day.

    These violets are a reminder that lawns
    don't have to just be grass - Adin Street.

Adin Street - May 3.

May 3

    The view out my window when I'm
    sitting here at the computer - May 4.

Hopedale in May 2011   

Hopedale story for May 1 - Hopedale in 1986

Hopedale story for May 15 - Dutcher Family and Business   

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    May 8. By May 30, the price for
    regular gas was down to $3.75.

    G&U scrap pile - May 8. Click on the  picture to go
    to a discussion of what's going on at the G&U.

    Neighboring town photos for May. The Irish round
    tower at St. Mary's Cemetery, Milford. Click on the
    picture above to read about the tower at the St. Mary'
    site. Click on the picture at the left for a more complete
    article on the tower. Click here for a page on round
    towers in Ireland.

Mill River, above Hopedale Pond - May 9

Hopedale Pond - May 9.  

Hopedale Street - May 11.

Town Park - May 11.

Hopedale Pond - May 12, 8 PM.

    Little White Market - on Depot
    Street, behind the police station.

Wedding at the Unitarian Church - May 14.

    Let me know if you know what these flowers are called. This
    patch is next to the railroad bridge on Hopedale Street.  Okay,
    I've received an identification from Tom Lipsky. Looks like it's
    Euphorbia cyparissias - common name, Cyprus spurge.

    Fishing derby - Hopedale
    Pond - May 15.

    Rick Espanet of the Hopedale
    Park Commision discusses an
    upcoming forestry project in the
    Parklands with a Massachusetts
    state forester and a forester from
    Hull Wood Products. - May 18

Toad in my backyard - May 20.

    May 20 - Looking toward Drapers
    at Hopedale Street - lower left.

    There was a little rain on May 23,
    but not enough to stop the games
    at the park.

    The Mill River, a little downstream from
    Route 140. Click on the picture for more.

    Lady's slippers in the Parklands - May 29.
    This seems to be a good year for them there.

    Memorial Day at Hopedale Village Cemetery. Click on the
    picture for more of Memorial Day in Hopedale on YouTube.