Crowd of more than 600 toasts Hopedale's Centennial.

    The time capsule, buried during the Centennial,
    is to be opened during the 150th.

    Hopedale History
    May 1, 2011
    No. 179

    Hopedale in April   

    1938 Hurricane in Mendon and Milford  

    Milford News ad for Aerosmith concert in 1971    

    Additions have been made to the John Steel page.   

    Lilla Joy Draper Scharnberg – obituary   Other recent deaths   


    Well, this one is a little different, but if you were around here in 1986, there are lots of
    headlines for articles that will probably be somewhat familiar. They’re from Milford News
    articles about Hopedale events. I got them from the Bancroft Library scrapbooks. Since it
    was Hopedale’s Centennial year, there were many stories about that (far more than I
    have here), but other things were going on as well. Read on and see what they were.

                                         Hopedale Headlines – 1986

    Hopedale Plans Big Parade, 1-6
    West Foundry Cleanup Project Completed, 1-13
    Retail Stores, Offices May Be Built at Draper Corporation, 2-15
    Hopedale Growth in Another Spurt, 2-6
    Dating of Homes Project is Underway in Hopedale, 2-13
    Hopedale Career Center Training Is Helping Many, 2-20
    Hopedale Drug Raid Nets $1320 of “Pot," 2-24
    Liability Insurance Is Pondered in Hopedale, 2-25
    New Life for Former Dutcher Street School, 2-26
    Hopedale Elects Woman Selectman for First Time, 3-4
    Hopedale Board Selects Barrows as Chairman, 3-15
    Hopedale Police Chief Candidates Interviewed, 3-18
    Hopedale Mulls Options, Faces $322,000 Deficit, 3-21
    Hopedale Dialysis Center Will Open in Mid-Summer, 3-21
    Last Day for Chief Gaffney, 3-31
    Hopedale FinCom In a Cutting Mood, 4-1
    Hopedale Seal Etched In Glass for Birthday, 4-4
    Hopedale Library Officials Planning Centennial Events, 4-7
    Hopedale Launches Its “100th” 600 Attend Toast at High School, 4-7
    Hopedale Boy Scout Troop Is Being Reactivated, 4-11
    Hopedale Parade Fund at Whopping $24,896, 4-11
    Firemen Muster, Parade Scheduled in Hopedale, 4-12
    Hopedale Unites in Attack of Anti-Semitism, 4-17
    Hopedale Firemen Received Total of 27 Calls in March, 4-21
    Hopedale Gets a Birthday Cake, 5-8
    Hundreds At Centennial Program in Hopedale, 5-1
    Community House Senior Chorus Makes Plans for Fall Concert, 5-2
    Hopedale Board Hears Subdivision Complaints (Mountainview), 5-8
    Draper Foundry May Become a Lumber Mill, 5-9
    Gypsy Moth Caterpillars Are “On the Road” Again, 5-11
    Hopedale Picks N.Y. Trooper, 5-13
    25 Bands, 25 Floats in Parade, 5-17
    Marchers Climb “Heartbreak Hill” on Two-Mile Route, 5-19
    10,000 Jam Hopedale for Parade, 5-19
    Many Attend Memorial Day Exercises in Hopedale, 5-27
    Zersky Plan: Once More With Feeling, 5-29
    19-Lot Subdivision Plan Submitted , 6-5
    Hopedale Needs $10,000 for (Freedom Street) Bridge Study, 6-10
    Hopedale Summer Park/Pond Program to Begin, 6-16
    Summer Concert Season to Begin July 9, 6-19
    Variety Store (Billy Draper’s) in Hopedale Purchased by Mendon Man, 6-20
    36 Towns Taking Part in Hopedale Fire Event, 6-21
    Zersky Housing Plan Approved By Hopedale Voters, 6-23
    Town Moderator (Ed Howard) in Final Meeting, 6-24
    Hopedale Reunion – A Time for Renewing Friendships, 6-27
    Hopedale’s New Chief Not Coming After All, 6-30
    Athol Man New Choice for Police Chief Post, 7-1
    Many Youngsters Take Part in Hopedale Water Carnival, 7-14
    Hopedale’s New Chief (Ed Allard) Sworn In, 7-15
    New Hopedale Police Chief Plans “Professional” Changes, 7-19
    “Residents for a Residential Hopedale” Map Fight on Zoning, 7-23
    Installation of Slide Among Projects at Hopedale Park, 7-28
    Hopedale Chokes: Weeds Infest Pond, 8-11
    Hopedale Captures Lions Tourney, 8-14
    $35-M Condo Proposal for Draper Plant, 9-3
    McLay Sets Sights On 2,000 Units If Sales Agreement OK’d, 9-3
    Town in Open Arms Welcome to Proposal, 9-4
    It’s “GO” All the Way for Draper Condo Project Plans, 9-4
    Parkland Logging Main Topic At Selectmen’s Meeting, 9-20
    Tree Cutting in Hopedale Parklands Still Major Issue, 9-27
    Hopedale OKs Street Lights for Subdivision (Pinecrest), 10-15
    Break-In at Sewer Plant Reported, 10-23
    Hopedale Forestry Committee “Extinguished," 12-9
    $500,000 Theft From Draper Building, 12-9
    Forestry Committee Still Up a Tree, 12-17

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