The Good Shepherd window
at the Unitarian Church.

Marker on Dutcher Street near
the corner of Adin Street.

Above the street donation plaque is a sign
pointing to...well, Milford, Medway, Holliston.
Certainly not Upton in that direction. The
sign was originally near the park, at the
corner of Freedom and Dutcher streets, as
you can see in the old photo above.

Community House cupola.

Neighboring town photos for September.
The Irish famine monument in Old St.
Mary's Cemetery, Milford.

            Hopedale in September 2011

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A tree uprooted by the winds of Hurricane Irene
damaged this sidewalk on Dutcher Street. Click
on the picture to see more scenes of Irene's work.

The Parklands a few days after Hurricane Irene. Click
on the picture to see more of the damage there.

That's a lot of geese. More than I've been seeing on the
pond this summer. Perhaps a migrating flock that decided
to drop in for rest and a bite to eat. Maybe those are the
locals in the foreground, protecting their claim to the beach.

Day in the Park - September 10. These pictures were
taken at about 9:30, which is why there aren't many
people there. I went to a funeral and wasn't able to be
there to take photos during the busy part of the day. For
the same reason, I didn't get pictures of the parade.

The Simmons family, along with cousin DJ and dog
Bailey took a walk through the Parklands on September
18 to celebrate Mon and Dad's twelfth anniversary.

Work being done on the diamond at the  town park.
Perhaps the horse being used for work there some
years ago, in the picture below, wasn't available.

A few geese at the upper end of Hopedale
Pond decided I was too close and took off. A
minute later, a little further up, the heron did,
too. On September 19, I saw seven swans
a-swimming on the pond. Two days later
there were eight. Before this week I'd never
seen more than four.

  Parking lot west of highway barn - September 29.