Neighboring town photos for October. Milford
housing developments built about a century
apart. Above - Prospect Heights, built by the
Draper Company. Below, Walden Woods, off
of Route 85.

There's some good news. Pizza
coming again to Hopedale.

Here's just part of the regular morning
traffic jam on Route 16.

Fieldstone curbs, common in Hopedale, aren't
something you see often in other towns.

Water over the dam. It's been
rather wet around here lately.

Almost finished.

Hopedale in October 2011

Hopedale in September

Hopedale history ezine for October 1 - The Statue of Hope.

October 15 -
Mendon Village School

November 1 - The Fall of 1861  

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Hopedale Pond - October 9.

Picture taken through my car windshield - Plain
Street and Hartford Avenue - October 7.

That might not come out very
clear. It's $3. 44; not $3.99.

Hopedale Pond - October 11. Click
here for more pictures of the pond
taken that day.
Click here to see how
different it looked last September.

Click on the picture above for more
of the Parklands in October.

On October 23 Patricia Hatch, shown above, delivered the annual Friends of Adin
Ballou address at the Unitarian Church. It was titled, "Women in the Early Hopedale
Community." A great deal of Hopedale's early years were covered as she talked
about the life and times of nineteen Community women. In her research for the
speech, she discovered pictures of three members of the Hopedale Community;
Abby Ballou Heywood, daughter of Adin Ballou, Abby's husband, Rev. William
Heywood, and prominent Community member, Abbie Hills Price. This was quite a
find, as no one at the talk had previously seen pictures of any of them.

Erecting the "nutshell;" the winter cover
for the
Statue of Hope. October 26.

And a few hours later, the job is almost done.

We had a little snow on the night of October 27 - 28.

We had a little snow during the night of October 29-30. It was only
about four inches and most of it melted quickly, as the temperature
got into the mid-40s. Lots of other places weren't as lucky. Click on
the picture for more of snow in October.