Jones Road - November 2. Just a few days ago
four inches of snow covered everything in sight
here. Below, Mandy and Winkie are back to their
cold weather routine of sharing a bed to stay warm.

And here's another picture from the same
day, with runners crossing the bridge.

November 3.

Hopedale in November 2011

Hopedale in October


November 1 Hopedale History Ezine - The Fall of 1861

More pictures will be added during the month

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This family stopped on the Rustic Bridge for a while during
their walk, to take a look for the swans. And there they are -
two of the eight on the pond that day, below. November 7.

Oak Street - November 11.

Fisherman's Island, Hopedale Pond

New sign at the Community House.

Neighboring town photos for November - The
Bellingham Town Common. On the common
there are a dozen or so historic markers with old
pictures of Bellingham, such as the one below.

Hazardous waste collection at the
recycling center - November 12.

It must be a long time since
a horse was hitched here.

The wall along the Mendon Street side of Crossways,
once the estate of
Bristow and Queena Draper.

Yes, keep it cozy in there.