From the late 1940s to 1959, this building on Dutcher Street
    was operated as the Little Red Schoolhouse. Originally it
    was the pump house for the Hopedale Coal & Ice icehouse.
    It's mentioned in Hopper's history of cutting ice on Hopedale
    Pond. Click here to see an article about a Red Schoolhouse
    Christmas party. Lots of names from that era there.

    Neighboring town pictures for March -
    College Rock, Hopkinton. From Milford,
    College Street is a right a short
    distance past the town line  into
    Hopkinton on Route 85. College Rock
    is on the right, about a quarter mile
    from the intersection. There's a small
    parking area, and the rock is only about
    100 yards into the woods.

We had a few inches of very wet snow on March 1.

March 2   

March 3

March 3

Dutcher Street - March 3

    Goofy version of the  town seal. The horizon and the style of barn
    in the picture on the right make it look like it would be better for a
    town in Colorado than anywhere around here. The older version
    below doesn't have the "Rocky Mountains background."

Hopedale in March 2012

Hopedale in March 2011

March 1 Hopedale History Ezine - Draper Expansion, 1856 - 1886  

March 15 Hopedale History Ezine -
Visitors to the Community

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Click here to read about Richard Griffin.

Morning traffic on Route 16.

Hopedale center - March 8.

 March 8

Ching-Ching considers coming downstairs.

 Hopedale Pond

 Same place, other side.

    February showers bring March flowers -
    Hopedale Street - March 14.

    Dugouts being replaced at Town Park - March
    15. Above, morning. Below, afternoon.

 March 19

    These people at the Rustic Bridge were just some of the
    many who visited the Parklands on Sunday, March 18.

    March 21 - Click here to go to Now
    and Then in the Lake Street Area.

March 22 - Forthysia- a sure sign of spring.

March 27.