Barn on the Fourth of July.

July 4

    Yeah,you're right, that's not Hopedale Pond. I haven't taken many
    pictures so far this month, so I thought I'd put in this one my son, DJ,
    took of the Coast Guard ship Eagle in Boston Harbor, a few days ago.

    Neighboring town pictures for July - the Milford
    Upper Charles Trail. Click here to see more
    pictures of it, and here to go to the Friends of the
    Milford Upper Charles Trail website.The picture
    below shows a quarry that can be seen from one of
    the side trails.

Hopedale in July 2012

Hopedale history ezine for July 1 - Astonishing Changes

Hopedale history ezine for July 15 - Ambassador to Italy

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Memorial School parking lot expansion project.

    Draper Street sidewalk replacement job. This, along with a parking lot
    that was once on the Community House property was a popular
    hangout in the 1960s and 1970s. It wasn't called by its name then; it
    was referred to as "the one-way street." Do you have any pictures of
    the gang back then, or any memories you could write? Keep in mind,
    this is a G-rated website.

    This is a pear tree that I planted in my yard
    several years ago. So far it seems to be
    working out better than my unfortunate
    decision to plant apple trees many years ago.

    Band concert - July 11.Click
    here to see the concert
    schedule for this summer.
    Click here for the schedule of
    concerts at River Bend Farm.

    Kayaks and canoes are available for rent on
    Hopedale Pond on band concert nights.

    Blueberries by Hopedale Pond. I picked a
    quart and a  half. I'll be back for more, maybe
    a few times, before the season is over.

    Part of the Lapworth plot at Hopedale Village
    Cemetery. Click here for more on the Lapworths.

    Tie-dye day at the town park. The shirts don't show up very
    well, but they're drying on the fence, a little to the left of center.

Like a mirror - Hopedale Pond on July 12

    Skip MacDonald and son, Ian, at the MIT flea market, July
    15. Why on the Hopedale in July page? Well, it's July, they're
    from Hopedale, and my son happened to see them there.

    A fuzzy view of the neighborhood groundhog. One of them, anyway. He's easily spooked,
    so I took the picture through a window with the camera accidentally set to video.I think
    he's been eating clover lately. Those are raspberry bushes behind him, so he may have
    had a few berries too, but not when I've been watching him. There have been plenty left
    for us. Elaine has made lots of jam during the last couple of weeks.

    And from an even more distant location, DJ wanted me to know that Peace and Progress
    aren't just streets in Hopedale. Here's what he said. "Peace and Progress aren’t just street
    names in Hopedale, it’s also an old, now-defunct Cold War Soviet radio station."

    And here they are - Peace and
    Progress. Progress is a one-way
    street. Sounds like a bumper sticker.

    Work has resumed on the G&U track. This picture was taken
    near Freedom Street, a short distance from the Seven Sisters.

    If you look at  these "month
    pages" regularly, you've figured
    out before this that Terry Studer is
    much more of a photographer
    than I am. For July she sent Busy
    As a Bee, and Lillies Aglow.

    The library is 114 years old, so it needs a bit of maintenance now
    and then. Rich Breese has been working on the mortar this week.

Mill River, above Hopedale Pond - July 22.

Hopedale Pond - July 22

    Vandalism on Dutcher Street at six locations between
    Northrop and Lower Jones - Saturday night/Sunday
    morning, July 21, 22.The speed limit sign was knocked
    over and has been temporarily attached to the utility pole,