Neighboring town/city photos for
    August - Shrewsbury and Worcester.
    Lake Qunisigamond. Click here to see
    more of the lake and surrounding area.

    Hopedale Council on Aging annual
    barbeque. Catered by Bossy's of Medway,
    with entertainment by Roger Tinknell.

Hopedale in August 2012

Hopedale history ezine for August 1 - Model Company Town   

Hopedale history ezine for August 15 -
Draper Condo Proposal   

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Lone goose and seagull - Hopedale Pond, August 1.

G&U track work near Freedom Street - August 1.

Band concert - August 1.

Happy retirement, Judy.

    Outdoor fun day at the library. Click
    here to see more of it on YouTube.

    I suppose I can't convince you that this was taken
    from the top of the water tower. It's from the Bunker
    Hill Monument. Click here for a few views from there,
    without walking up its 297 steps.

    It's been a good summer for squash. I've also picked
    a few pears in the last week. Pole beans not doing
    much yet, though. Raspberries are done for this year.

Friends of Adin Ballou peace picnic - August 5.

Silent night - Hopedale Pond, August 6.

    More G&U related work. Looks
    like they're completing the road
    from Route 16 to the former
    West Foundry.

Shade tree? - Hopedale Street, August 9.

    Road work on Hope Street. Work has
    also been underway on Draper and
    Prospect streets.

    When my neighbor bought his house, he thought he'd get
    rid of the old pool in the back yard. Eventually he changed
    his mind, and as you can see, he's using it as a fence
    which should keep the rabbits away from his vegetables.

    The Hood blimp is shown here passing
    over Hopedale at 3:20 on the 12th.

    Retirement party for Community House
    employee, Buster Wright - August 16.

    Road race, August 18 - Several runners at the
    turn from Hopedale Street onto Adin Street.

    Hmmm...don't recall seeing that intersection
before. Maybe because it's in Alston.

    We're getting lots of tomatoes lately, so I've been drying
    some. The thermometer (upper right, shaded with a
    cardboard box corner) gets up around 150 on sunny days.

Foggy morning - July25 - Thanks, DJ.