Neighboring town/city photos - The
    Blackstone River - Woonsocket to
    Blackstone. Click here to see more.

    Work on access road between Route 16
    and West Foundry, soon to be occupied by
    Romar Transportation Systems. Click here
    to read Milford Daily News article.

Hopedale in September 2012

Hopedale history ezine for September 1 - The Rise and Fall of Draper

September 15 ezine - The First Draper Statue

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    Another great picture from Terry Studer. Terry says of this one, "If you ever wonder where those
    mysterious flowers and plants come from in your yards then this is one of the culprits.  Tasty food for
    birds is fertilized seed for growing."

    This stock ticker is on display in the Trustees'
    Room at the Bancroft Memorial Library.

Atria-Draper Place September 11 observance.

Day in the Park - September 15.

Unitarian Church - September 15.

Hopedale Pond, September 19.

G&U work in the former Draper yard.

    Again this year, field hockey players promote
    full employment in the toilet paper industry.

    Grading the G&U roadbed behind the Draper
    plant. Click here to see it on YouTube.

    First penny smushed on the track of the present era
    G&U Railroad. Thanks, Howsie. Thanks also for
    letting me know when to get over there for pictures.