G&U locomotive comes to Hopedale - September 30.
    Click here to see a bit of the trip on YouTube.

These must be the first railroad cars in Hopedale in about twenty years. - October 1.

Hopedale Pond - October 1.Click here for more.

    Hmmm...does that mean they won't
    take anything by Danielle Steele?

Putting down ties for a new section of track -. October 2

Hopedale in October 2012

Hopedale History Ezine for October 1 - Village Cemetery at 100  

Hopedale History Ezine for October 15 -
Beebe River

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October 3

Cemetery Street - October 4.

Repointing the mortar at the Unitarian Church.

    The Parklands and Hopedale Pond -
    October 6. Click here for more.

Hopedale Pond with a little fog over the water  - October 7.

October 8 - Thanks, DJ.

    Neighboring town photos for October.
    During the last few months, work has
    been underway on Blackstone Valley
    Tech's Trask Athletic Complex on
    Chestnut Street in Upton.

October 11.Click here to see photos of the G&U work during the month.

Unitarian Church - October 11.

    The stained glass windows at the Town Hall show
    up better from the inside than from the outside.

Feathered friends in high places. The Draper stack.

Field hockey practice - Draper Field - October 12.

    Hopedale Pond - October 13. Click here
    for more of the pond and the Mill River.

October 13.

Spindleville Pond - October 16

Parklands and pond, from the railroad track - October 16

The three pictures above were taken at Hopedale Pond on October 17

The four below were taken by Terry Studer.

October 17

    The Rustic Bridge, Hopedale Pond - October 18. Click here to see
    a slide show of Hopedale Pond views in October on YouTube.

October 21.

    What's coming in to Hopedale on the G&U? It seems to be mainly what you see
    above. Click here to see a video on YouTube of he train coming  in on October
    22. on  Near the end, you'll see a front-end loader pulling two railroad cars.

Hopedale High field hockey team in front of the gym.

    Hopedale Pond at 1:30 pm, Monday, October 29, as the
    outer fringe of Hurricane Sandy was reaching the area.

Hopedale Village Cemetery, after the storm - October 30