This one is for those of you who walked through
    here a few thousand times, years ago.

Hopedale Village Cemetery

1000 feet used to look further to me than this.

Hopedale in November 2013

November 1 ezine - The Superintendent's Report, 1914   

November 15 ezine -
The War at Home, 1917   

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    Halloween visitors. I've been using the negative feature on the library negatives quite
    a lot lately, but I'd never tried it on a color positive before. Kind of an interesting effect.

    Neighboring town photos for November. Solar farm by
    Williams Street in Upton, on land that was formerly the
    Town Line Dairy Farm.

    Here's a container of heart medicine for our cat, Friendly. You
    can see at the bottom there's a warning about driving and
    operating machinery. I hope he heeds this advice. I've
    spoken to him about it, but I can't be watching him all the time.

    I dug this maple up in the woods and planted it in the front yard when it was
    no more than three feet tall. I don't think that was more than ten years ago.

    November 2 - Yesterday's wind blew a lot of leaves
    down, but there's still some color along the pond.

Freedom Street, from Oak - November 3.

November 2, Inman Street  - Thanks, DJ.

    It's Christmas in the stores so it should be no surprise that our Christmas cactuses
    think it's Christmas, also. So, should I say cacti or cactuses? Here's what the website
    Grammarist has to say on the matter:

    Cacti is the Latin plural of cactus, and some writers use it in English. Cactuses is the
    English plural. Dictionaries list both, and neither is right or wrong. Also, like many
    names of plants, the uninflected cactus is sometimes treated as plural.

    The prevalence of the Latin cacti can be attributed to the influence of Latin on
    biological nomenclature. These Latin plurals are not considered out of place in
    botany and other scientific fields, and some make their way into broader usage, but
    there’s no good reason that the ordinary English speaker should have to abide by
    the rules of Latin grammar.

    The ad for Duino's is from 1965.

    Birdbath - November 4 - Thank you, DJ. If there were any dirty
    birds in the neighborhood, they had to wait a while to bathe.

The trees in the Parklands have lost most of their leaves, except for the beeches.

A little more from the Parklands.

    I'd never noticed the spelling mistake - Hopedael - shown in the upper
    picture of the old sign at the corner of South Main and Warfield, until Brian
    Dean mentioned it to me. It's correct on one side and wrong on the other.

    This punch bowl is one of many bargains available at the Friends
    of Elders Shop on the Depot Street side of the town hall.

    Hammond Road - November 11. What did
    it look like in 1947? Click here to see.

Click here to go to Now and Then - The Adin-Mendon Streets Corner.

    A little snow came down for a while on the morning
    of November 12. (Or, as some noted, 11-12-13.)

    Well, not quite in Hopedale but only a
    few feet from the town line - Dorianne's
    on Route 140 is reopening, under the
    name, Dori's Gift Emporium.

The pale blue dot - Earth from Saturn - Click here for more.

    I suppose it's a stretch to refer to this picture from Everett as a neighboring
    town photo, but DJ sent it and I thought it might be of interest to a few of you
    to see where your Teddie peanut butter is made.

    November 15 - It was 60 degrees and we hadn't been on the pond in a
    couple of weeks so we decided to go out. We were surprised when we
    got a few hundred yards upstream and saw ice. There were quite a few
    patches of it - some near shore and others in shallow areas in the middle.

Here they come.

There they go.

    And once again, Hopedale Pond's natural bridge - an indicator of low water. All
    that headroom under the Rustic Bridge is another sign that the pond is low.

    I suppose we'll never know who the farmer was who
    built the stone walls that show like this when the
    water is low. Probably Mr. Cutler or Mr. Rawson.

November 18

November 24, 2013

    November 25 - Hopedale Pond was almost
    entirely covered by a thin coat of ice today.

    Trail markers have been going up in the Parklands recently. My guess
    is that they're part of an Eagle Scout project, but that's just a guess.

Venus over Hopedale Pond - November 28.