Your committee has taken up this matter of location (of a new fire station) with care. There is only one
    unoccupied lot available in the center of the town and near the works of the Draper Company, which are
    the most important premises to be protected by its fire department. This land is located on Dutcher
    Street, between Social and Chapel streets, at the rear of the Draper Company office.

    The Draper Company has agreed to deed to the town about 14,000 feet of land on the corner of Dutcher
    and Social streets, approximately 100 feet on Dutcher Street and 140 feet on Social Street and to take in
    exchange the lot on which the present hose house is located and containing about 3700 feet of land
    together with the building thereon. 1915 Town Report

    Voted: That the town authorize the engineers of the fire department to locate and install
    a fire alarm box on Northrop Street, and that the sum of ($110) one hundred and ten
    dollars be raised and appropriated for the same. Town Warrant, April 9, 1909

March - and it looks like it.

The Scion in Winter

Hopedale in March 2014

Hopedale in February   

Ezine for March 1 -
Hopedale High Became Church   

March 15 -
Hopedale High School - the Early Years   

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    I was in the cellar cleaning up a few interesting looking old wrenches when
    this one caught my eye. Whitin Machine. No idea of how I ended up with that..

    That's where it came from -  Whitin Machine, Whitinsville. Known as :"the shop"
    to locals says the Wikipedia article. Yes, just like Drapers in Hopedale.

    Having gone this far, I decided that Whitin Machine and
    Whitinsville might as well be my neighboring town photos
    for March. In addition to the two below, Click here for more.

    No, not this year. I just happened to run
    across this on the July 2008 page.

A little frost on the windshield - March 4.

    March 6 - Spring is just around the corner
    but it's still a bit cool in the morning.

    Palestine? The Harel House??? I see things like this frequently that
    make me wonder what the interest or the connection is.

March 9, 2014

    Program of the Friends of the Library at the Bancroft
    Library on March 12. Talk by Marty Foley, left, lead state
    police detective on the Dr. Dirk Greineder murder case,
    and Boston Herald reporter-Tom Farmer on right. Foley
    and Farmer at the authors of A Murder in Wellesley..

    I noticed this when I was looking for Hopedale  
    items on eBay -The Adin Balloon statue. Full of
    helium?  Hope it doesn't float away.

Spindleville Pond - March 14.

    Here's a little quiz for you. See if you can figure
    which one of these tables of statistics is for
    Hopedale, which is for Mendon, and which is for
    Upton. I found them on  How Well Do You Know
    the Neighborhood page.. I got to that with a link on
    Jack Broderick's real estate email. Scroll down to
    the bottom of this page for the answers.

Town statistics quiz answers.

Upper left - Mendon

Upper right - Hopedale

Bottom - Upton

    That identical party affiliation for all three towns certainly
    can't be right. My guess is that it might be for the whole
    county and they just put it down as though it's the same
    for each town. I checked Milford. It's the same there, too.
    It can't  be congressional district. Hopedale isn't the
    same as Mendon and Upton. Doesn't seem it could be
    state senate or house either. Water and air quality the
    same also. Weather, too. In that case, I'd say it makes
    sense that they'd use numbers that cover a wider area
    than just individual towns.

    It used to be named the Milford Drive-in.
    More recently, the Mendon Drive-in. Will
    it become the Phantom Drive-in soon?

    Hopedale Pond - The Ides of March but no need
    for the ice fishermen to beware of thin ice just yet.

    To our Devoted Patrons and Friends,

    We would like to take this opportunity to let you all know that we have sold the drive-in. This
    has not been an easy decision for us but we feel strongly that we have found the perfect
    buyers who intend on keeping the spirit and tradition of the drive-in alive. We are proud to
    announce the new owners are Michael, Dave, & Dan Andelman from The Phantom
    Gourmet. They are interested in the preservation of the drive-in as well as expanding new
    horizons in keeping with a joyous outdoor family environment.

    It has been our great pleasure to have been graced with running this unique and charming
    business for the last 28 years and we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served all
    of you. We never would have made it without your loyal patronage and your fierce love for our
    nostalgic drive-in.

    This season, we will be staying on at the drive-in to consult the Andelmans for an easy
    transition into the drive-in business. We look forward to having this season to say our good
    byes and introducing you all to our new friends the Andelmans.

    Through the years we have cultivated many beautiful friendships and watched so many
    children grow up before our eyes! We say farewell to all of you with a heavy heart and tears
    in our eyes, but we look forward to the future of the drive-in and all of the memories still yet
    to be made. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for making these the happiest years
    of our lives! Looking forward to seeing all of you at the drive-in this season to enjoy a "night
    of movies under the stars"!

    All our love,
    Kathy & Sue

Bare ground is starting to show up - March 15

    It is now expected that the new school building will be completed and
    ready for use with the opening of the fall term. We refer to the report of
    the Superintendent...and especially to his recommendation in regard to
    opening one room in the new building for kindergarten work. This is
    certainly worth trying as an experiment, and if the results do not justify
    the expense it can be discontinued at any time. We recommend as an
    appropriation for regular school work of 1898, the sum of $6,500, or if
    the town thinks best to have the kindergarten added, the sum of $6,800.
    For the School Committee, Frank J. Dutcher, Secretary.

    Dutcher Street School, opened 1898.

    Hopedale tree warden Walter Swift has been tapping maple trees near Memorial
    School and (in this photo) on  the Community House lawn. Here's a bit from his
    Facebook posting today. (March !7) Well, just boiled 40 gallons of Maple Sap down to
    one gallon of the most elegant, pristine, silky smooth tasting organic natural non
    fructose added maple syrup that you would ever imagine. One hundred gallons to go.

    Some of you reading this will remember when Police Chief Chet Sanborn used to tap
    the maples at Memorial. Click here to see him doing that.

Signs of spring at the town park.

Signs on Community House lawn.

    Running around the Community
    House block - March 20.

    Hopedale Pond - March 20 - the first day of spring. This is the
    date that the pond was clear of ice in the lower end in 2008,
    2009 and 2011. The latest it's been in recent years was April 2
    in 2005. The earliest was February 20, 2012, but in that year it
    refroze and was gone again by March 8. Click here to see the
    page on iceout at Hopedale Pond.

    Mating dance of swans on Spindleville Pond on March 21. Photos by
    Walter Swift. As you've seen above, Walter has also been collecting
    sap from the maple trees on the Community House lawn. Here's a
    video where you can see more about that.

    Click on the picture to go to the story of
    where the millstones at the town park
    came from and how they got to park.

This friendly Irish wolfhound can be seen being walked in town quite often.

    Spindleville Pond - March 29. The part of the pond visible
    from Mill Street was free of ice, although there was still a
    little up around the bend. That may have been gone later
    in the day, or certainly by the next day. The lower end of
    Hopedale Pond remains pretty much covered.