Neighboring state photos:

    Above - The Blackstone River Explorer, currently
    operating out of Central Falls, Rhode Island. Click
    here for more, including schedule.

    Left - The Samuel Slater. The canal boat was built
    in England and brought to Central Falls by the
    Blackstone Valley Tourism Council in 2000. It's
    not operating now, but the plan is to return it to its
    intended function as a bed and breakfast in the
    near future. Click here for more on the Slater.

    Neighboring town photos for July - A few
    scenes from Upton.

    Above - Town Hall project

    Left - The guy who has been standing
    night and day in the center for months

    Below -  Kiwanis Beach.

    Q - When does a groundhog eat clover?
    A - When he's finished eating all the lettuce and

    That's bread that the birds are eating.

    Thanks to Sean of Draper Place for this
    three-room birdhouse. We've  had a
    few prospective tenants already.

    Now and then people ask if there's any connection
    between Draper Lab at MIT and the Hopedale
    Drapers. None that I've ever discovered. Maybe if
    you go back ten or fifteen generations there is.

Hopedale in July 2014

Hopedale History Ezine for July 1 - Henry Patrick   

Mid-July ezine -
James Northrop   

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    Science is the topic for this year's summer
    children's library programs. I'm doing a few
    sessions at the Bancroft Library, including
    this one on electricity.

    The crossing at Freedom Street - Three locomotives,
    one car carrying wallboard - July 3.

    According to the caption under the Milford
    News photo above, the Mendon Unitarian
    Church was interested in the bell. Did it go
    there? Click here for the answer.

    Two hot air balloons landed in
    Hopedale on the morning of July 11.
    One came down on Hopedale Street
    near the pond. The other, obviously at
    the Town Park. Thanks to the
    gentleman who was operating it for
    keeping it inflated until I got my
    camera. They had taken off from
    Hopkinton High School

Above - dump cap project - July 12, 2013

Below - July 11, 2014

    Beginning on August 1, the recycling center
    will accept payments BY CHECK ONLY.

July 12

    South Main Street. Another month, another
    sign at the "Future home of the Luby Ave
    Hall of Fame." The sign on the front of the
    house says "Beach Closed for the Season."

    Hopkinton State Park, July 12. The white speck in the middle of the picture is the head of a swimmer.
    We said hello as we passed, and then came by him again about 45 minutes later. I asked how far he
    was swimming. He said he was doing two and a half miles and had done another two and a half in the
    morning. He hopes to have a 400 mile summer before he turns 70. If he doesn't make it this year, he
    has one more year to try for it before he reaches the big seven-oh.

    Cambridge City Hall and Hopedale Town Hall -
    both built with Milford granite and Longmeadow
    brownstone. Thanks to my son, DJ, for that bit of
    trivia and for the city hall photo.

    Slideshow/talk at Atria Draper Place given by Jane Lowell and
    Amy DeWitt, titled "Naughty, Naughty Nipmuc. It was a history
    of Lake Nipmuc in Mendon. The title referred to the burlesque
    shows held there from the 1920s into the 1940s.

Hopedale Pond - July 17

    My son, DJ, took a walk down by Hopedale Pond
    on the evening of July 19 and got this picture.

    I hope Christie puts her reply up on the
    bridge so we'll know how this turns out.

Parklands road off of Overdale Parkway.

    That's water chestnut in the foreground. It's on the Somerville side of the Mystic River.
    Fortunately, I haven't seen any of it yet in Hopedale Pond. Medford can be seen on the
    other side. The boats on  the right are docked at the Winter Hill Yacht Club. That's the
    Orange Line bridge crossing the river, and stacks from the Everett generating station
    can be seen on the right.  DJ took the picture from Route 28.

    Outdoor fun day at the Bancroft Library - July 22.
    Click here to see more pictures of the event.

Milford Daily News - July 25, 2014

    Two rabbits in the yard - July 27. I wonder
    how many there will be in another month.

    Click here to read an article about Oakledge (34 Adin Street)
    written when it was first built. Click here to go to the Seven
    Hills Foundation site.